SMS opening rate is 97%

A text message is readed between 1 and 4 minutes after reception. It's THE marketing tool to use !


  • Unlimited Texts Sending

    We don't limit your campaigns, you send as many as you need !

  • No "per-sms" fee

    Each text that the system send is using your own (SIM) subscription !

  • Up to 700 chars. long SMS

    You can send long messages with ReflexSMS. Just type the text you want !

  • Ergonomical

    Coded with last technologies, ReflexSMS is a really easy-to-handle software.

  • Timeless

    With just few clicks you will send your campaigns to your customers.

  • Powerful

    ReflexSMS is the most advanced SIM-based SMS software and the powerful by using Microsoft SQL Server.

  • File Import

    No need to retype all your customers data, just import them with our 3-steps wizard !

  • SMS Campaigns History

    ReflexSMS will keep an history of all your sent and received messages.

  • No Internet

    Text messages are sent using your SIM card so you don't need Internet on the computer running ReflexSMS.

  • Birthday Texts

    ReflexSMS can automatically be programmed to notify customers on their birthdate !

  • STOP message detect

    Automatically process "STOP" messages and add senders to blacklist.


    With ReflexSMS, you'll be able to receive texts answered by your customers.

logiciel développé en France

Have a Look

A clean and powerful tool

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Unlike our competitors, we do not charge each SMS sent but we give your the technical tool to send your advertising texts by yourself with a (or more if needed) SIM card. So, you just have to subscribe an offer from a mobile operator and use their conditions.

ReflexSMS is a software, shipped with a USB GSM modem where you will be able to insert your SIM into. Next, you just have to import or create your contacts and type your message !

A GSM Modem is an industrial version of a USB HSDPA DataCard. By connecting it to your computer, it will permit to use GSM network to send texts !

modem sms

Sure you can freely choose your operator ! Just pick up the best interesting plan to send text messages (unlimited subscription is the best choice !)

During first year, all updates are free.

Yes. You can consult them in ReflexSMS where they are stored.

It depends on many parameters like provider antenna performance, network signal quality, ... But commonly it takes about 2 secondes per message.

You have to multiply SIM cards (so modems) . ReflexSMS can manage up to 127 modems simultaneously.

  • livraison express

    Express Shipping

    Expedition 48 hours after your payment !

  • support technique

    Free Technical Support

    Technical support is free for all ReflexSMS users during 1 year.

  • logiciel pc

    PC software

    Works on
    Windows XP, Vista, Windows7 et Windows8
    32 & 64 bits

* Licence is life-unlimited for only the computer on which it was activated. Technical support is included for 1 year.
In case of reinstall, a reactivation can be necessary. It is only possible if you are under a technical support contract or only during the first year next activation.
An activation cannot be revoqued. This way, any licence can't be refunded.